My online status

Wow, my 5 years of hard work in the CyberSpace has paid me off very well! Feel like I am an one man army! As a single entity, I managed to gather a potential crowd around me using social media. Not bad, I never spent a dime on this, but many people do follow me.

Twitter Status

Twitter Accounts Followers Tweets Made Listed
@DhilipSiva_Tech 711 141,000 13
@DhilipSiva 370 17,584 5
@DhilipSiva_Game 363 92,670 4
@DhilipSiva_Film 332 55,847 4
@DhilipSiva_And 301 50,118 13
@DhilipSiva_Aple 273 86,536 5
@DhilipSiva_linx 111 17,280 3
TOTAL 2461 3,34,135 47


so, total twitter followers are 2461 across my 7 accounts with a total of 3,34,135 listed in 47 lists.

I sincerely thank all my twitter followers for this. Thank you to all your support!

now lets take a look at search engines

Google Results : 78,700

Yahoo Search : 41,300

Bing Search : 5,100

And the image results of Google was really good. it gave lots photos across all my online profiles.

for comments and suggestions, contact :

mobile : (+91) 81 97 98 53 97


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